Families as Partners

Parents and guardians are not just part of the process, they’re part of the success.

Not only will guardians provide information about their child’s strengths and needs, but they will also approve the selection of the “Big” or mentor .

Once the match is made, guardians remain closely involved in many ways, including:

  • Approving activities and outings for the child and their Big.
  • Asking the child questions about those outings, and sharing what is learned with the agency staff.
  • Reporting the child’s progress and milestones to the agency on a regular basis (Big Brothers Big Sisters will contact guardians, but we welcome their feedback any time).
  • Participating in any training offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters staff, and communicating with the child about the training they receive.
  • Contacting Big Brothers Big Sisters if guardians ever have any concerns about the child or their match.

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